The Squirrels of Princeton are NOT Green!

OK, so winter is a little slow for weddings but I’m trying to get into the habit of of posting to my blog weekly. I’m so excited about my new blog and want to start off with good habits. Starting in March I’ll have tons of great new weddings to share with you all. In February I have two really great commercial shoots that I will have to share with you. One for a top floral and event designer and a beauty shoot for a top makeup artist. Can’t wait!! Today I thought I would share with you a little humorous image of a Princeton squirrel. Princeton is infamous for their squirrels. They are everywhere, grey and black, very friendly and have even been know to invade student dorms. Last November I was photographing a couples wedding portrait on the University campus and this Ivy squirrel walked by us carrying his winter stash in a plastic cup!!!!! I guess he didn’t know plastics was not great for the environment….. or maybe he was recycling!

  • Andrea said:

    omg!!! can't belive it!!!! So cute!! **

  • nelz said:

    oh my gosh!!! this is SO cute! haha

  • Hank Titone said:

    Marie, What a great shot for a recycling campaign. I work with several committees in Mount Olive (environmental commission and solid waste advisory). I was on your site to review some of the work you did at my daughter's wedding, Michelle and Ben Carroll.