Kristina + Peter 03.02.08 (Part 2)

As promised, here are a few more images from the ceremony and reception of Kristina and Peters wedding. Their ceremony was at Saint Lucy’s Church in Newark, NJ. A very historic church, it served as a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony! Peter got teary-eyed when he saw Kristina for the first time coming down the aisle. Their reception was held at the Westmount Country Club in West Patterson, NJ. I loved their centerpieces of hanging orchids.


  • Mollie and Joe Giamanco said:

    I never seem to get tired of looking at the wedding photos. They capture the pure essence of a truly beautiful couple, May you always be as happy as you were on your wedding day.

  • Janie - Godmother to Kristina said:

    Beautiful, stunning, totally awesome. You have captured Peter's gentle and caring emotions that were witnessed live at the wedding ceremony and, of course, the beauty, grace and elegance of Kristina. Great shots of a happy and handsome couple.

  • Wow - the pictures look amazing. I did Kristina's makeup for the wedding - and I am always worried how the pictures are going to be "lit" etc...well, I didn't need to worry one bit, because you're the expert and the pictures look amazing.

  • Anita and Joseph Roselle said:

    Thank you, thank you for these memory makingpictures of our son and his beloved. They are simply
    magnificent and we will treasure them for a lifetime.

  • Denise Pellicone said:

    Simply Spectacular!!!!! Anyone can take a picture, but it takes talent to capture the moment, and THAT you did !!!!

  • Veronica Roselle said:

    WOW! Marie, the picitures only get better and better! Can't wait to see the proofs! You are a genus!