I Want a Puppy!

For some reason, week after week, my couples have the cutest dogs ever this year. I keep going home from my weddings saying “I want a puppy”. I would love to have something soft and cuddly to walk around town. As many of you who have visited my studio know, I have the most amazing cat in the world, Sebastian. He is my 18 pound big black furry Maine Coon, but for some reason he won’t let me walk him on a leash. I thought of getting a boyfriend, but they won’t let me walk them on a leash either! What’s a girl to do? Well, at my Oklahoma wedding the bride had the cutest little chubby Yorkie named Mollie. It was love at first sight! So what do you think? Should a try to find a rescue yorkie, a rescue boyfriend or stick with my loyal Sebastian? Mollies cuteness speaks to me!

  • OK, I appreciate all the comments. I guess a dog would require allot more time than I have with all the weddings I do. But they are so darn cute!!!!! My Sebastian only requires cuddles all night. I guess I’ll have to find a rescue boyfriend first (who can walk my puppy when I’m off doing weddings). Can anyone suggest a good rescue shelter for artsy, middle aged, recycled boyfriends ?

  • laura novak said:

    you know how i feel about this... go get yourself a rescue pup! my artie was the best thing that ever happened to me (ok second best next to my husband)

  • Kelly said:

    Ohh I know how tempting a puppy can be- but if you get a dog, get a grown up. A puppy will 1.destroy your pillows 2. pee and poop all over your floor 3. by hyper for a year 4. Cost a ton
    That said, I'm writting this from the vet office where I work, I love dogs. But they are a lot more work than a cat- and I'm a sucker for maine coones.

  • David [C+D] said:

    You should look into getting a Toy Australian Sheppard. That's what we want. My parents Aussie always got along great with their Maine Coon so maybe you'll have the same luck. :) Beautiful Cat, btw, gorgeous. You should see our Charlie. She's a full bred burman (and she walks on a leash!) :-D

  • Susie said:

    Sebastian will never forgive you! small dogs hate cats, so it will not be a happy friendship. Plus going away on trips will mean an unhappy puppy left at home, as not every town/venue will be dog friendly. Dogs need more attention and maintenance, where cats slot in more easily to busy lives!

  • Jessica said:

    Why can't a girl have it all?! Boyfriend, dog and cat - there is no reason to settle for just one. ;-)