Jennifer + Vincent 05.30.08

I always say, “My brides don’t jump”, but now I stand corrected. Physicians Jennifer and Vincent were jumping for joy as we walked around the beautiful grounds of The Manor in West Orange, NJ. The two were so blissful and funny, Vincent, a cardiologist and Jennifer an orthopedic surgeon had us in “stitches”. I knew my birthday was fast approaching because the beautiful purple irises were in bloom. I always remember picking purple irises as a child from my backyard on my birthday! The couple was married in a beautiful rose garden which was stunning even though the roses were not yet in bloom. It was so cute when their ring bearer used his pillow as a Frisbee throwing it 3 times down the aisle! Just a note to new parents out there; shrimp can make an excellent substitute for baby’s pacifier. Yumm!

  • Joel Kassack said:

    What fun shots! The last one of the baby with the "shrimp pacifier" is great. Good luck to your studio in the upcoming months!

    Joel Kassack

  • How fun was this couple? I love the picture of the bride on the stairs. What an awesome technique!

  • David [C+D] said:

    First you go from an exquisite beautiful formal style in the last wedding to a fabulously fun candid style. HOLY COW! And all of them look fantastic! It looks though like that wedding was a BLAST! Send some of those super-fun couples our way. ;)