Ann + Howard 06-14-08

No, I did not shoot 2 weddings in one day! (You will note I have already posted a 6/14 wedding.) My associate photographer, Jessica Inverso photographed this beautiful day! Jessica has been one of my second shooters for 6 years now and has been shooting weddings on her own for several years. This year she began shooting weddings for me and I will be doing my “Photoshop geek magic” on them. I think it’s going to be a great amalgamation! I was going to keep my blog to mostly my weddings but I just LOVED these vineyard images. I’ve photographed over 500 weddings at this point and I have yet to photograph a wedding in a vineyard. I will be doing my first vineyard wedding in August. I just can’t wait! Beautiful job Jessica!

  • Cami said:

    Beautiful shots! I love your photos and am definitely adding you to my Google Reader. :)

  • These two photos are beyond HOT! I love the saturation on the second one. Very chic. :)