Marie + Zac’s European Adventure

I want to share a little secret with you all. I’ve never had a passport and never gone anywhere abroad. I’ve always felt like a citizen of the world and enjoy reading about all the cultures and countries. I love meeting people from different cultures and just having a little chat! One of my dreams was to be a world traveler but single moms who are social workers get to go to Florida not France. Well, it’s finally my turn. I guess if you hope long enough dreams do come true! My grandson Zac and I will be departing for our first European adventure. (Hopefully the first of many adventures to come.) We are off on the first leg of our “grand tour” to London and Paris. Zac has such a joy of travel and we have been on a few adventures in America like Washington DC and Niagara Falls. I love seeing the world through his excited eyes. He does wear me out though, because he is such a “tourist” he wants to go go go and see everything he can. He is so excited about our trip. A real history buff, Zac wants to see things that are “old”. I guess we don’t have real old things in the US. Well, the first thing we are going to visit in England is Stonehenge. I hope that’s old enough for him! I’m going to try to post some images of our adventure every couple of days so family and friends can see the marvelous things we are up to. Note to self: post on blog at least every two days.
Au revoir!

  • Marie....what a wonderful time to share with your grandson! I'm so inspired by this trip of your's...thank you for sharing. Rest up and have some fun!


  • Marie: hope you are recharging yourself and having a wonderful time, building incredible memories for you both. Enjoy and hope to see you soon when you get back

  • Kathi Littwin said:

    Hey! Have a fabulous time....Kiss Kiss


  • Jessica said:

    Have a great time, Marie! Enjoy your well deserved vacation!!!