Bonjour from Paris!

Since arriving in Paris we have been going nonstop. I think we have taken nearly 3000 images so far and Zac is developing a new found passion for photography. When me wedding season calms down I plan to do a slide show of our wonderful adventure. Here are a few for mom and dad! We are off to the Palace of Versailles. Auvoire!
We visited a wonderful bakery!
The Cathedral of Notre Dame!


    Hi Marie,
    This is one of the coolest pictures I have ever James really wants to go to Paris...hopefully we can get there before the babies begin!!

  • jose villa said:

    hi marie,

    have always loved your work!! keep it up!

  • laura novak said:

    looks like a blast... cute jacket too!

  • Preston said:

    Hi Zach, Happy Birthday !!! Call me ,Preston

  • Preston said:

    Hi Zach, Look's like fun. Call me, Preston

  • Preston said:

    Looks like you are having a great time !!! Call me soon.

  • claudia seyler said:

    i am so happy for you i cant stand it it looks like you're having a blast and your grandson is beautiful good for you Marie you deserve all this happiness!!!!

  • Kathi Littwin said:'s Amorino

  • Kathi Littwin said:

    Hey guys, you MUST have gelato from Amarino. They are all over the place...The best in the world.