Au Revoir Paris!

Zac and I returned to the US yesterday (much to Zac’s disappointment). Zac has totally fallen in love with the city of Paris and wanted to stay forever. If I did not have 8 weddings to photograph in August I might have obliged. There was something about this beautiful city and its people that has totally touched his heart and has inspired him to return. He now plans to become fluent in French and return for his college years. How wonderful. This trip was so wonderful in so many ways. We saw and learned so much and met so many wonderful new people from around the world. I can see how our adventure has given my grandson a lifelong passion for travel and meeting the many members of the “family of man”. We are already planning our 3 week adventure in Europe for next summer. We took thousands of pictures of our journey and will have fun reliving our trip when we edit them in the late fall. Zac is looking forward to learning Photoshop with the many images he took and we plan to have a book printed. I plan to do a slide show of our trip for the blog during my “slow season”. So many beautiful images, so little time. Stay tuned!
Zac set for 45minutes for this chalk portrait. It was a test for ADD. The artist said he had a “good face”! I thought the same.
Zac said he thought he would “die” over the beauty that is Paris. What a passion he has found for a city.