I want a Paris wedding!

Well, my head is finally recovering from jet lag and I’m getting ready for a very busy part 2 of my wedding season. Last Saturday when we were leaving the beautiful Palace of Versailles we passed several couples entering the beautiful gardens for their wedding pictures. How lucky can one photographer be! I started thinking how much fun it would be to photograph a wedding in beautiful Paris. I know from my blog stats that allot of people are reading my blog in France. If any of you Paris brides might be looking for a wedding photographer, call me and we can chat! With the dollar so weak, the photography would be nearly free !

  • Deb Franklin said:

    pick me to go - pick me to go! I'll pay you!! Having spent my birthday there in April with my amzing husband, I can thoroughly relate to Zac's new-found love of Paris. I can tell you almost to the exact arondissent where you were in each picture (didn't you love Monmartre?!) - welcome back, and thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure with us, and inspiring us to conintue our travels in this oh-so-very-small world - warmest regards!