There is a house we always pass by when we are on the way to photograph a wedding at Carinwood Estate in Bryn Athyn, PA. I have always wanted to photograph it but there is no where to pull off the road to do so. For the first time there was no traffic so I was able to stop in the middle of the road and have Megan shoot off some images for me. Look at this extreme example of colleting “gone wild”. I used to have a problem with saving things so it really speaks to me. Magazine, playbills, notebooks, you name it I saved it. As the years passed I had a house so full of things I was trapped. I decided to sell the house and throw out all the “things”. I will admit, it was painful at first. I kept on thinking, I might need that someday, but I worked through the pain. Things have become much less important to me. What’s more important to me now are the people, the places and less of the “things”. I wonder what’s going on in this “collectors” head! Yikes!

  • That's insane!!! Do they change the whole thing for Christmas or just string lights on everything? :-D Egod... that'd be fun to move should they ever need to.