Zac in a Land Down Under

Yes, I know, if 2 weeks in London and Paris in one summer is not enough, Zac departed yesterday for 2 weeks in Australia. Everyone wants to be Zac! My family and friends loved our travel pictures of Europe so much that they all asked that I include some of his adventures in Australia on my blog. Well, why not! My daughter in law, Jill is one of my very talented second shooters. She has photographed many weddings with me and now she gets to try her hand at travel photography. My son Mark and his wife Jill have been planning their Down Under adventure for years. I’m so happy to see they are finally doing it. In preparation of the trip Zac and Mark both certified in scuba diving. (great father/son bonding) They plan to try their hand at underwater photography in the great barrier reef. Lucky guys! Well stay tuned for some fun pictures! G’day!

  • I can't wait to see the photos!

    (but man that kangaroo weirded me out! It looks so much like the pet one we keep in out backyard)

    For any animal activists that was a joke :)