Sara + Christopher 08-02-08 (Part 2)

As promised, here is part 2 of my stellar Winterthur wedding! Sara loves the color orange so she knew she wanted that color strongly incorporated into her day. I loved the sweet bouquets by Beautiful Blooms. A real special detail on Sara’s bouquet, the lace and buttons are from the sleeve of her mothers wedding gown. After the ceremony Sara and Chris too a stroll the “Enchanted Woods” at Winterthur, and was it ever magical. It had thatched roof cabins, Magical mushrooms and one of the best logs on the eastern seaboard. We had very limited time for couple portraits but the great grounds made it so easy to get very diverse images. I was totally WOW by the reception décor. There were three different centerpieces. I loved the lanterns and the birds nest. Daddy serenaded Sara with a guitar solo of “Daddy’s Little Girl”. Very touching! The cutest detail were jars that had twinkling “fireflys” in them. They were so “sweet”. I actually thought they were firefly’s. I must find them for my next outdoor party!

  • Jennie and Dan Swadis (aunt and uncle of Sara) said:

    Thank you for your beautiful work--You remind us that all the love and elegance we saw that day was not only our deep joy but so perfectly represented in your work.

  • Donna O'Brien said:

    Thanks for making our work look so great! We love you.

    Donna at Beautiful Blooms