Zacaroo Down Under!

Zac, Mark and Jill want to say G’Day from Brizzie (Brisbane)! Their internet connection is VERY slow so it’s been difficult to send me images. They just wanted to say hello to everyone and let everyone know they are having an amazing time. Mark was able to get a few images through to share with everyone. They have been very busy seeing all the sights. Zac got to feed a little Wallabie at the Australian Zoo. (I’m sure he asked mom and dad to buy him one. They went 4wheeling up the side of a mountain canopy (I’m glad I didn’t see pictures of that) and they got to feed wild birds in a rain forest. Zac wanted to share a picture he took of the Brisbane skyline. He is really getting into travel photography. Jill tells me they are off to an island in the Great Barrier Reef today where there is no internet access. Everyone will have to wait until they return next week for all the exciting pictures. Have fun guys!

  • Just to let everyone know they are back safely!