Fran + Bill 08-03-08 (Part 2)

As promised, part 2 of Fran & Bills sweet wedding. I must tell you, I really found their wedding inspiring. I’m a single gal and always keep one eye open for “Mr. Right” or even “Mr. Sort-of-Right-but-very-Fun”. Because weddings are my life I sometimes think about what sort of wedding I would have if the opportunity ever presented itself. I always thought that “at my age” I would just do a small and quiet sort of thing. Fran’s wedding was such a beautiful celebration of love and blending of families (at any age) that I think I might do it big. All I need is the guy! Here are some more images of their lovely day. Check out the ice sculpture/martini cooler!

  • Chung Nguyen said:

    The image of them running reminds me of the song, "You Make Me Feel so Young." A-dor-a-ble couple!