Jacqueline + Julian 08-15-08 (Part 2)

The weather reports had predicted late afternoon thunder storms, but Jackie and Julian still did not want to see each other ahead of time for pictures. Die hard romantics! As fate would have it, the storm arrived about 10 minutes before their ceremony and lasted for over an hour. Thank goodness for the beautiful boathouse where the ceremony was held! We were able to do all the family and bridal party pictures there and they were beautiful (as thunder and lightning crashed around us). Her wedding planner checked the weather radar and said it looked like the storm would be passing just about the time the reception was scheduled to start. Along with their Videographer Drew, of Tangerine Media Group, we were able to get about 10 minutes of pictures on the beautiful grounds of Bonnet Island as the guests were filtering into the grand ballroom! What luck! Jackie and Julian got a rainbow. I’ve photographed nearly 500 weddings in my day and this is only my second rainbow. Now that’s special!
Did I mention that Jackie was a former “Prom Queen”? Many of her bridesmaids “lost” to her but they all remained friends. They wanted to strike a traditional “Prom Queen Pose”. Very cute but I wouldn’t know, I never attended my prom. I really loved the bridesmaids pink Ann Taylor dresses. Pretty in Pink!
Can you believe…… A RAINBOW! Only the second in my career!

  • ahmetze said:

    these are great, love your work.

  • Shannon said:

    What a picture perfect wedding!

  • italian princess said:

    the room looks stunning, almost as beautiful as the bride! the vintage mirrors holding the table numbers are a wonderful touch. great photos marie!