Stephanie + Charles 08-31-08 (Part 2)

As promised, part 2 of my beautiful Long Island Vineyard wedding. There was a spectacular flaming sunset just in time for Stephanie and Charles ceremony. I had to shoot right into the setting sun, so it was not for “faint-of-heart” photographers. Trusting the impressive dynamic range of my trusted Canon 5D’s, the images came out astonishing. (OK, so I’m ready for my vineyard wedding on a hillside at sunset!! Hint, hint call me out there from a hillside vineyard in California!! I’m ready). We quickly ran to the vineyard for a few couple portraits. I really had fun creating fine art photographs of these. Their reception was just full of country charm. With no need for a tent because of zero chance of rain, long tables were set up for their guests to dine under the stars. Thanks Stephanie and Charles for my first vineyard wedding!

  • There is just so much inspiration from this wedding. I can't say enough about the shot of the ceremony - gorgeous. And the bride's veil is so fabulous. Great photography. Love it!

  • Okay... how hot is that light??? Can I just say how jealous I am? I'm JEALOUS!!! :-D Awesome location and venue too. Can't stop looking at that light though!!! :-D

  • This event is truly magnificent! The tablescape is amazing, the couple is gorgeous and the hanging lanterns really do the trick! Thanks for sharing.