The First Chapter

The main focus of my life and work is wedding photography, as in photographing weddings. I really don’t have much time left for public speaking or writing for photographers. Maybe someday I’ll have the time! I was so honored with Bob Coated came to me and asked that I write a chapter of his book, “A Photographers Guide to Wedding Album Design and Sales“. Though I’ve had many articles written about me and my work in professional photography publications, this is my first chapter. Yeah!!! I was so honored when I received a copy of the book and there was my chapter along with the chapters of some of the wedding photographers who were my inspiration when I was growing into my style. It felt good to be in a book along with Joe Buissink, Yervant and Kevin Kubota. All have given me parts of my style and hopefully my chapter will give some photographer somewhere a little bit of inspiration.

  • Sinead said:

    "Hopefully?" Marie, you are much too modest. I will never forget the help you so generously gave me when I was just getting started in wedding photography, and your good counsel has certainly stood the test of time. Congratulations on this terrific achievement!

  • This looks like a great book! I ordered mine today!