Mindy + Ben

The city of Philadelphia is known for its many murals and there is one that has been “calling” to me for awhile now. I was so fortunate to be photographing an engagement session with Mindy and Ben in the Northern Liberties section of the city so I finally got to photograph it. I just LOVE this backdrop. Mindy said that in graduate school she did a research paper on the murals, so it was all the more meaningful! I’ll be photographing Mindy and Bens urban chic wedding in May. Can’t wait!

  • cuz. Eva said:

    Hi Guys, Mom sent me the link to your pics. they are fantastic! Fun and unique! Just like you two. much love! Jacob and Eva

  • Barney said:

    I'm so glad this mural "calling" to you connected with Ben & Mindy. The close ups are beautiful and the mural photos are whimsical and surreal. Very nicely done. Thank you.

  • aunt suz said:

    the photos enhance the kids, their fun, and the mural's

  • Curtis said:

    Nice work! Ben and Mindy make such a cute couple. You really captured the spark of their love. Thanks for sharing!

  • neLz said:

    awww...this turned out nice! It's right in my neighborhood & everytime i see it i too wish i could stop & capture it. So glad you did :)