Beautiful Blooms Boutique

I just wanted to give a “shout out” to my florist friend Donna O’Brien of Beautiful Blooms. As many of you may notice I do quite a few amazing weddings with her each year. Well, being an extraordinary entrepreneur, Donna just opened up a floral boutique in Liberties Walk in Philadelphia. I dropped by the other day and was just blown away by all the eye candy. She has everything from candles, vases, books and of course, flowers. I wish her great success in her new venture. If you are ever in Philadelphia and might need a gift or two definitely check out her new boutique at 1021 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia!
This is Donnas little guy TJ. He was just visiting for the day and can be brought in by special request but he is definitely not for sale!
I adore these sweet little arrangements she is offering.

  • These are beautiful shots of the boutique. I'm so proud to be a Beautiful Blooms girl <3

  • Jessica said:

    The shop looks beautiful! Congrats Donna!

  • Marie,
    Thanks so much for coming down to take photos of our new boutique!!! You photos are amazing as always and you are a true professional. Thank you for not only being my friend but for being so talented and willing to work with me on projects.