Kathi + Gil 4.11.09

I actually got to be a guest at a wedding and was able to drink mojitos! What fun! My friend, wedding photographer Kathi Littwin married her long time love Gil in the town that they love, New York City this past Saturday! I was honored that she asked me to photograph their wedding portraits. Just like a wedding photographer she planned for 3 hours of pictures all around the city, but just like April, it RAINED!!!! With the wedding gods on her side the rain finally subsided around 45 minutes before her ceremony. We we able to get in 30 minutes of portraits on the way to their ceremony at the City Hall Restaurant in Tribeca. Congratulations Kathi and Gil and best wishes for a picture perfect life!
Kathi provides Gil with some last minute instructions for a perfect life! Yes dear!
Kathi had this great idea to “strike a pose” in front of this storefront. Gil has obviously seen the movie Zoolander!! It was great fun!
Now kiss the bride!

  • Cheryl Cooper said:

    Hi Gil and Kathi, Just visited your web page. The pictures are great and I hope the two of you are doing well. Loved the captions you wrote under the photos. I made sure to print some of these pics. Thanks for sharing!! Peace and love, Cheryl

  • Marian Goldman said:

    You looked amazing and the photographs are unbelievable. Who is this amazing photographer, so vivid? it looks like kodachrome
    Love, Marian
    I want to see more, more

  • Bridechka said:

    These photos are so gorgeous and so very NY.

  • odd my go. This are pictures of a wedding I WENT too!! But Wait. How can it bee ???? The photos look way more better than I can remember how it looked. How fab to have such a collectshon. TY. PG

  • I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove these! Kathi looks great!

  • Kathi Littwin said:

    Dear Marie, I'm hearing nothing but rave reviews for the photos. Gil & I can't stop looking at ourselves. You did an amazing job. I'm so lucky to have had you as my photographer and friend.

  • Gil Roman said:

    Kathi and I have been great admirers of your work and were very honored that you were there to document the day. The pictures are truly amazing you captured our joy and New York beautifully. Thank you so much.

  • John R. -- Santa Fe said:

    Ring the bells . . . Kathi and Gil bathed in the light of love - Marvelous ! Wonderful images

  • Linda Impastato said:

    wonderful idea this blog--so many of my Italian friends know Kathi and Gil and were very curious to see some images from their special day--I'll be sending them the link. thanks again for sharing your wonderful photographs Marie.

  • Keli Morris said:

    What beautiful photos. They truly capture the fun personalities of the couple, as well as the spirit of New York. All that I can say is wow!

  • Bernice Ostrower said:

    Dear Kathi and Gil: May all the blessings of a happy life be yours always. Your pictures are a joy to see. Thanks for sharing them with me. See you round the block!

  • Frenchie said:

    BRAVO MARIE! C'est MAGNIFIQUE! There is humor, color, wit, joy, generosity, fun, art and transpiring love! Kathi, Gil : what is your recipe?

  • What a stunning couple! Full of joie de vivre. It what a true honor to pronounce you husband and wife. May the life you share be filled with sunshine and rain and as I forgot to say in the actual ceremony, we look forward to many more inventive and inspiring Christmas cards in the future. See you soon.

  • himani said:

    the pictures are stunning and the couple look devine

  • Alyssa said:

    Beautiful photographs of a beautiful couple. Kathi is stunning and the shots totally capture her spirit. Great job!

  • tokyo said:

    i love your work, my friend gilbert and his lovely bride kathi, look like they own NYC. B&W really seems to freeze a moment more effectively. kathi looks hot as hell. very enjoyable. tokyo

  • Sue said:

    Amazing as always. Love the "strike a pose" pic!