Marie + Zac’s European Adventure – Part 2)

Today Zac and I are off on our Grand Tour of Italy. Last year we had the tour of a lifetime visiting London and Paris. It was in Paris that Zac fell in love. He fell in love with the beautiful historic city and its people. He wanted to stay in Paris and send for his parents! I assured him that there are many great cities of the world to see and if he likes “old” he is going to love Italy. I’m going to try to post some images of our adventure every couple of days so family and friends can see the marvelous things we are up to. Note to self: post on blog at least every two days. Ciao!

  • Lauren said:

    MARIE!!! I forgot to tell you when you you have to go to these places to eat in Palermo: I HOPE IM NOT TOO LATE!!!
    1. Ganci... there are a few in the city just ask around. once you go in the store you will know what I mean!! mmm
    2. best gelato in the world is at " Dolcissimo" on VIALE DE GASPERI ALCIDE 197 near Viale Strasburgo. seriously it is amazing ice cream and awsome to take picutres there. you have to have the gelato in the brioce bread!!! im so jealous.
    3. if you want a 7 course fish dinner for about 25 euro each it is about 5-10 minutes outside palermo in an amazing seaside town called sferracavalo (my favorite town typical old school sicilia! the ristorante is called Ristorante Al Brigantino its is just beautiful (try to go here around sunset the sunsets there are great!)
    4. last but not least you have to go to the piazza in Mondello. This is were Alessio is from in the evening they sell stuff on the streets. in is 5 minutes from the core of Palermo.

    Hope you have an amazing time.... say hello to my Palermo it is the BEST city in Italy and the food is by far NUMERO UNO!!!

    sorry about the heat you will have there my family said its like 115 :)

    ciao send me pics- Lauren .... if you have any questions on the city just email me!

  • Adrienne said:

    Want to adopt me!?


    Have a great time - when you come back...we'll hopefully have our baby boy!!

  • jill Nanfeldt said:

    Have a wonderful time. Let's catch up once you are home.
    Zac is a lucky boy!!

  • Katrina Brown said:

    Hey Marie...I hope you and your grandson have a great time in Italy!! Be sure to eat lots of Gelato :)

  • Have Fun bring me back a t-shirt - my brother is staying in Milan right now and will be in Venice tommorrow