Grand Tour – Pisa and Venice Edition!

If it’s Tuesday we must be in…….Venice! What a whirlwind these tours can be, and combined with a bad case of jet lag and very hot weather, I have not been up to me blogging self! What amazing sights to see. I found a little time to post a few of the sights we have been seeing for family and friends. We adored the City of Florence but Venice totally captured out hearts. I’ll be working on artistic images of this gorgeous city for years to come. Tomorrow we are off to Assisi for a little mountain air! Ciao!!
Zac almost knocked down this big tower we found. I got him to stop.
Zac looking very “continental”!

  • We were just there in Venice for our honeymoon last year. I miss it, beautiful pictures :)!!!!!

  • Katrina Brown said:

    You guys look like your having a fabulous time!! You are absolutely going to LOVE Assisi!!! The view over the fields and olive trees from the top of town is amazing! You can follow the narrow road up to the top past all of the stores from the side of St Francis. There is a big fort at the very tippy top but not easy to hike to in the heat over there. Once you get to the top of the main part of town there is a super old building with greek ruins and just past that is a cafe with the most amazing sandwich I have ever had! It was called a Focaccia Ortolana. Can't want to see your take on Assisi!