Marianne + Jared 11.07.09 The Preperations

Marianne and Jared had a strong visual theme for their beautiful Fall wedding. Inspired by historical romance movies such as “The Age of Innocence“, the couple went about creating a very beautiful Victorian theme wedding. With the assistance of Angelia Malicki of Angelia Malicki Events to bring their vision to fruition, the couple truly captured the splendor of Victorian times. Guests knew the day would be special when they received their hand calligraphy invitations. The invitations were hand written by Bernard Meister who worked on such movies as “The Age of Innocence”. The groom designed the beautiful Cameo logo that was incorporated in the invitation and many additional elements of the day. I felt the brides Atelier Aimee gown was so perfectly Victorian. The Atelier Aimee necklace really completed the look. Can you believe that Marianne actually found a pair of white Christian Louboutin high top boots. How perfect is that. I want to give 5 stars out to Claudia Seyler for her hair and makeup design. I was involved in theater for many years and know how difficult it is to do real Victorian up dos. Claudia did such a gorgeous job bringing out the Victorian beauty of Marianne. There are SO many unique details of this wedding. I hope I can do it all in 4 postings. Stay tuned for the couples very grand ceremony at the historical Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul!