Carly + Dan 11.14.09 The Portraits

What a perfect location Carly and Dan selected for their couple portraits. Right up the road from the very grand Hotel DuPont where their ceremony and reception was being held there was the gorgeous Gibraltar Gardens of Wilmington. As you can see, it was magic! Check back for a very magical ceremony and reception!

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  • Ava Martinez said:

    beautiful, as always!

  • Mark Latka said:

    You both looking more beautiful than ever if that is possible! Amazing photos, Carly ,I'm so happy for you.Mark

  • Jamie said:

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful couple, inside and out.

  • Treeena said:

    very cool!

  • Ali said:

    Stunning photos to match a stunning couple!

  • Jessica said:


  • Kendall said:

    That dress is phenomenal!!! Absolutely LOVE!!!

  • Temma said:

    These are the MOST BEAUTIFUL pictures I've ever seen! The garden shots a just fabulous!!

  • Just beautiful!!! Carly and Dan are gorgeous and your photos capture their beauty. AMAZING MARIE!

  • Shelley Z. said:

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS - the couple and the photos!!

  • Aunt Judi said:

    How beautiful are my niece and nephew?! Each phot is more beautiful than the one before it!

  • Robin Straff said:

    OMG I love these pictures so much! I look at your blog almost every day and I finally get to look
    at Carly and exciting to relive the day! Thanks So Much! Keep them coming!!!!