A New Years Resolution for 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Here is to another decade of photographing the art of love. What a way to make a living! I’m a lucky girl and I want to thank all the beautiful and creative couples that have graced me with their weddings. I’ve sort of given up on traditional New Years resolutions. Let’s face it, if I do lose the weight, I’m only going to gain it back. My New Years resolutions are more “wishes” for the New Year. For 2010 my wish is to photograph a European wedding. Every Summer I go off to Europe for fun and inspiration. In my travels I’m always visualizing brides and grooms in my images. I adore world travel and I adore photographing weddings. Combining the two in a European wedding is one of my dreams and has continued to elude me. Though I’ve had requests, I’ve never had dates available. I know from my blog tracking that you European brides are always chatting about me. Why not drop me an email and help me keep my New Years resolution. I can see you in my pictures. Happy New Years everyone!

  • Marie, I can't wait to see your wish come true... it is destined to. Like you, I travel around the world and will see what most people will view as a pile of rubbish and rubble, but me, I envisage a woman in a fabulous ball gown standing amongst it all. I hope you shoot a gorgeous bride in Paris, walking in a park on a pebbled pathway (you could always do a 'dummy' wedding !! I'm always in Paris and would happily don a stunning white frock !!)... Best wishes... Believe and Achieve... Much Love, Frog Princess