My Grandmothers Wedding

In the midst of spring cleaning I unearthed some wonderful family photographs that I have not see in years. Oh, how I love my family photographs. I remember as a child sitting for hours looking through all the albums. I guess my family were real photography buffs. They truly documented so many special and everyday events. I would sometimes feel I was there with them…. back in time. I also adore going to museums and looking at old tintype photos. You can sometimes feel the people speaking to you. Maybe that is why I have such a passion for wedding photojournalism. I want to tell a story and share this happy day with many, many generations to come! A photograph can do that.
The photograph was taken in 1918 at The Henry Studio in Perth Amboy, NJ. No longer in business, the moment lives on. Check out my grandmothers amazing bouquet!

  • Rebecca Druckenmiller said:

    Oh Marie it's beautiful! I love family photos, especially of weddings. Thanks for sharing

  • kathleen said:

    That's awesome! I have been scanning and posting photos on my blog from my family's weddings as well. I call it "old-timey tuesday" :) I have one photo of my father's grandparents that I haven't posted yet that might be even older than this picture -- everything else is from the 40s and later, but they're all quite magical!