Lisa + Richard 04.10.10 The Reception

Lisa and Richard planned a reception for their guests that would be a feast for all their senses! The room was just stunning with the flowers and décor by Beautiful Blooms and the magnificent lighting by Eventions Productions The hanging candles that lit the ceremony added to the ambiance of the ballroom at One Atlantic. Providing the feast for the pallet was Peachtree & Ward Catering. I particularly loved the cigar box presentation. The couple wanted the evening to be filled with pleasurable entertainment for their guests. They had a strolling electric violist, a man performing in a weather balloon, Vegas style showgirls dancing with guests, a man on stilts, and let’s not forget a Neil Diamond impersonator. The great entertainment was provided by Smash Party Entertainment! If you would like to see more of this wedding it’s actually going to be featured this Friday on the new TLC program “Four Weddings”. I’ve never photographed a “TV” wedding before and it was definitely tricky with all the cameras. The show is set up air this Friday at 10PM so make sure to set you DVR’s! I do hope I’m not in any of the footage. I hate to be photographed….. that’s why I’m a photographer!

  • Marie!!! this wedding looked absolutely amazing!!!!

  • Lisa was wonderful to work with. Lisa contacted us wanting a unique twist to her already beautiful wedding. The bubble boy, electric violinist, butterfly puppet and bird girls were just what she had in mind!
    Art of Love- Your photos are fantastic!! Bravo!
    Best of luck to the Lisa and Richard from Amy @ Smash and her performers!

  • Jon Weinrott said:

    Marie, this work is stunning. We never knew you were there, yet who else could have caught these images? I love the photo of the tables with floating candles and the two of balloon boy. Don't forget to watch TLC on april 30 at 10 PM when the wedding is profiled!

  • It was a pleasure working with Lisa and Richard for the Entertainment at their wedding. One Atlantic did a Wonderful Job and I feel all of the professionals she hired worked very well together. I enjoyed coordinating the entertainment elements with the performers. Plus it was a pleasure seeing Lisa & Richard along with thier guests dancing all night to the music my Disc Jockey & I provided. I knew we had hit it out of the park when Lisa's only complaint at the end of the night was that her feet hurt. :-)

  • We had so much fun working with the couple to create the whole decor for the wedding. I thought the team at Eventions was going o shoot me when I told them we needed over 200 candles hung from the ceiling but they didn't. Your amazing shots captured every detail. Beautiful Marie!!

  • Adrienne said:

    such a beautiful new captured it to perfection of course!