I know I tell my couples that I usually don’t do baby portraits. It’s a beautiful skill, but I’m so busy with my weddings I usually do not have the time. When one of my former couples, Tara and Phillip asked me to photograph their 11 month old daughter Lucia I thought I would give it a try as the azaleas were in full bloom at the little park near my studio. She was such a delight and I smile every time I look at her sweet portraits. I think just might reconsider the baby portraits. It was a joy!
Lucia says Bye-bye!

  • Sally said:

    What lovely pictures. You should really do more. That last pic is just adorable.

  • These are amazing Marie. Tara was such a beautiful bride and we loved working with her and Phillip on their decor and flowers many years ago. Their baby is just gorgeous.

  • melissa paul said:

    Love them all, but the first one speaks to my heart

  • I am in Love with the last one - I would hang that up NOW