Some of you may remember the VERY special Baby Shower I photographed recently for Evantine Design. Well the very lucky baby of this very special shower arrived early this month and I had the pleasure of photographing her at only 4 days old. Little Addisons’ Aunt Monica had great fun shopping for her and found this amazing hot pink tutu. I brought my 60’s vintage leopard skin cape which I photographed my own grandson on when he was a babe! I am really finding an art to newborns and I am looking forward to photographing many of my couples arrivals! All the best to Addie and her family!

  • Adrienne said:

    Love them all...esp the one in the red tub, amazing!

  • Melissa Paul said:

    INCREDIBLE photos of baby Addie! love the leopard and we'll do that someday for me too! but that photo of addie against all the white in Monica's tutu, sensational!

  • Suzanne said:

    These photos totally made my day....beautiful, sweet, wonderful!