My Cuban Adventure!

Well, I’m off on another adventure and this one is going to be amazing! I’m traveling to the beautiful country of Cuba. Since my childhood I’ve always had a fascination with Cuba. I spent my summers in Miami Beach and made many a Cuban friend. I adore the food, the music, and the people… and now I’m finally going there. PINCH ME!!! I promise to do some really great posts when I return. I’ll be doing posts on Cuban food, music and people! The internet is not so great in Cuba so I won’t be doing any posts while I’m there. Please don’t forget about me! Adiós Amigos!

  • Andrea said:

    You must drink a Cuban Mojito!!! They are one of my favorite drink's.....and they prepare the original one!! Have fun!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  • claudia seyler said:

    what an amazing adventure, Marie i have no doub that with your adventurous self you will find the best shots and capture all there is to see... and feel. You should write a journal just to yourself of the emotions you go through day to day and/or the reception etc.

  • Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see what you shoot...