Hello From Cuba!

Yes, there is WiFi in Cuba! I thought it would be weeks before I could share a few images. This trip is truly an artists dream and definitely my trip of a lifetime. In all my travels I have never found so much inspiration. Everywhere I turn, in the buildings, the faces of it’s people, the beautiful landscapes. I just picked out a few random images to share. Please forgive me if the color or whatever is not great. I posting these from a little uncalibrated netbook. I’m so excited about the sights of Cuba I thought I’d share and I just could not wait. Hopefully I can pick out a few more next week!

  • heidi said:

    my goodness i've welled up with tears. simply beautiful!!

  • Tammy Noth said:

    Marie, these are stunning! Thank you for sharing.

  • Patti Gregory said:

    inspiring!!!!! thanks for posting them.

  • beka rendell said:

    these are absolutely beautiful! I love to see the character of the places and the people along the journey :)

  • Melissa Paul said:

    Insanely moving photos Marie, love the textured storytelling...

  • Patti Coluccio said:

    You continue to inspire me....