Marie & Zac’s European Adventure Part 5– The Baltic States!

It’s been a VERY hot summer for most of us in the US and I thought I needed a break so I’m going to a place where the daily high temperatures are in the low 70’s. How delightful! Yes, it’s part 5 of our Grand Tour and this year we will be exploring the Baltic region; starting tomorrow with a bike tour of Copenhagen and we will be ending up in Saint Petersburg Russia! As my blog followers know every summer I block out some time to take my grandson Zac to Europe and what an adventure it’s been. I think we are getting almost done with the continent and in the coming years we will be moving on to Asia. I do hope to blog some images of our trip but sometimes I get so caught up in our travels I don’t find the time. I really promise to try. When I return I have many GORGEOUS June weddings to share. Farvel, adjö, hüvasti, näkemiin, Вы видите, когда я вернусь.

  • Ami said:

    You are going to love love LOVE St Petersburg. Copenhagen too, but St Petersburg is magical. So excited for you and simply cannot WAIT to see your images!