Bumpe’s Hawaiian Adventure

I once had a friend that had a job that took him all over the world. For company, he used to bring a Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant doll with him. He used to photograph him everywhere he went from the pyramids to the Amazon rain forests. I just adored the idea. This winter I went to Hawaii for an entire month and I thought it would be a great idea to bring my “friend” Bumpe, the Swedish bull.  On my trip I shared all his adventures (and misadventures) with my Facebook friends. I thought I’d share some of the images on my blog for my other followers.   Can’t wait to bring him along again!

After a very long flight to Hawaii, Bumpe decided on a morning yoga session at the beach. Great way to start his vacation!

I’ve been dumped! Bumpe made fast friends with this bird named Kekipi and they left me somewhere on the North Shore! Do you think he’ll return?

So I was walking the windward beaches of Oahu when I heard a muffled cry, “I…I….I…I….” It was Bumpe, buried in the sand and burned to a crisp!!!!! I found him just in time. I’m taking him to the doctor now.

Back from the doctors, though he is badly burned, the doctor said there should be little scarring. Bumpe said it was an important lesson learned: never go off with strangers…. no matter how beautiful their feathers may be.

Inspired by his brothers miraculous recovery Bumpe decided to go to church too!

It’s A Miracle! Bumpe has made a complete and speedy recovery

Bumpe decided to circle the island of Oahu

Running low on cash after buying a vintage Hawaiian shirt, Bumpe joined a Reggae street band to pick up a little cash. I didn’t know he sang so well!

When I was young my family used to tell my stories of our Swedish Viking ancestors who set sail for the South Seas? Well maybe he was telling the truth. Check out this photo I found in a museum?!?!?!

I went to another museum yesterday. I think I understand why there are no Swedish bulls in Polynesia today. Headhunters!

Bumpe was schedules for hula lessons but he cancelled when he heard the big waves were here. When did he learn to surf?

Bumpe got lei’d!!!!! And he also got a little kiss. He is one lucky bull! Now if he could only find a hula skirt!

I was crowned the pineapple king last night at the farmers market! They thought I had a butt that most resembled a pineapple!

Bumpe is acting like a cow again. Has he been in Hawaii too long?

Hey bro, I volunteered to help with the sea turtle rescue. Wow, the sea turtles move slower than us! I did not think it possible.

Bro, it’s been a disaster here in Hawaii!!! 48 hours of wind and rain and temperatures have plummeted to the 70’s!!!!! It’s been very rough Finally I am catching up on my tan! How is the weather back home?

Don’t be jealous of my Hawaiian adventure. I bought you this very fine t-shit to remind you of my trip! Can’t wait to give it to you!

My first hula lesson!

After his first hula lesson Bumpe wanted to REALLY impress his dance teacher. He jumped onstage at a luau and joined a group of dancers from Tonga performing a ceremonial war dance. I was so embarrassed!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! How long have I been here anyway?

Aloha Hawaii! It’s been the most amazing month but I am so ready to be going home. I miss everyone so much and look forward to getting together with my bros when we are all back home. Aloha Hawaii and Mahalo nui loa!

I flew home in a snow storm. Do you think it was karma for all those beach pictures I shared? Anyway, it’s good to be home!

I want a dog!! Look what Marie Labbancz got me instead, stuffed animals! What good are stuffed animals!


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