The Portrait and Previsualization

While working on my new website this winter I realized that I was going to require a new portrait of myself, after all, my old one was over 5 years old! I was not looking forward to the experience. I’m one of those photographers who is terrified of having my picture taken and because of that I make the strangest faces in front of the camera. This time, instead of focusing on having my picture taken I focused on  all the things I wanted to say in this portrait. I’m a photographer, a fine artist, a bohemian, I’m mature, yet have a youthful spirit and most of all I’m approachable. I saw myself standing in the woods with camera in hand and a shallow depth of field (and B&W, of course). I told my photographer, Heather Morgan, exactly what I wanted and she nailed it. The best thing was,  I was so focused on the previsualization I forgot to make a funny face. I LOVE my new portrait! Some people do come to me with a previsualization of what they want their portrait to be and they usually love their final portrait. What do you want to say about yourself? The portrait below mine is of the very talented Philadelphia makeup artist Beke Beau. She had a totally new hairdo and wanted a new portrait to go with it. She came with the perfect jacket but most of all she came with her spirit. It’s so Beke! Next is a couple who wanted to say “Latin lovers” in a retro Federico Fellini film! They had so many romantic and passionate images. Lastly is Lyndsay and Vincent wanted their portraits at the Rodin Museum; a tux and an elegant gown, they definitely had something to say about who they are as a couple! When doing engagement portraits the #1 question I am asked is “what should I wear”. Maybe it’s more important to tell me a bit about yourselves as a couple and let’s previsualize together how to say that in a portrait!

Marie-Labbancz Beke-Beau Italian-Engagement-Portrait-02 Philadelphia-Engagement-Portrait-01