This WAS Film

I was doing a little spring cleaning and ran across some of my sample wedding albums from 2000 – 2005. Yes, I’ve been photographing weddings that long. Back in the day all photography was film photography.  Digital camera were not very good and certainly not of a professional caliber. I loved the look of film and I think I was one of the last photographers to go “kicking and screaming” into the digital age. Problem was, all my film labs went out of business. I worked very hard on my post-production to make my digital images look like film. Looking back at my old albums I do think I come pretty close. There are many advantages to digital photography, especially in the Northeast where great  “available light” is not always available. Every so often I do like to shoot a little film. I still have my Contax 645 medium format film camera that I used back in 2001. The final image in this post is of film today.  It is a much softer artistic look. The difference today is that after the film is processed  it is then scanned digitally. This second generation gives it it’s unique look; a look for film today. I like both looks, but I share this little post of film of yesterday!

Cross-Key's-Inn-Wedding Lily-of-the-valley-bouquet Saint-regis-hotel-wedding-bride   Mountain-Lakes-House-wedding Claire_Pettibone-Gown