Ball on the SquarePhiladelphia Commercial Photographer

I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing the Annual Ball on the Square in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. The Ball on The Square is an annual black tie gala with magical ambience, an elegant sit-down dinner, fabulous music and dancing. Held under a large tent in the center of the Square, the Ball transforms the park into a sparkling ballroom for one night.  With the stellar decor by Evantine Design,  food by Starr Catering Group, and lighting by Eventions Productions. What a night!RittBal759  RittBal112 RittBal425 RittBal444 RittBal558 RittBal586 RittBal184 RittBal595 RittBal750 RittBal286 RittBal306 RittBal758