And the Winner is…

WPPI, an international Wedding and Portrait Photography Organization held their annual print competition in Las Vegas last month and I just found out I won 3 Accolades of Excellence (which translates to awards). This year WPPI had over 2700 print entries from photographers all around the world, so it was quite an honor. Here are my 3 winners. The first one was shot at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. It’s a beautifully decaying prison that is said to be haunted! Yikes!!!


Vote for Your “Fav” Shoes on Brides Cafe

My friend, Janie Medley, asked me to share some of my favorite bridal shoes. Today she has featured some of them on her “ever so popular” wedding blog The Brides Cafe. You can vote for your favorite shoes. Congratulations are also in order to Janie. Her blog, The Brides Cafe was just named as one of the top wedding blogs by Instyle Magazine. For those of you who peruse the wedding blogs, The Brides Cafe should be a daily read.

The coming week will be very busy for me. I have a wedding on Saturday at a sculpture garden, an engagement portrait at a governor’s mansion on Sunday and a great commercial shoot I will be doing for a veil designer. She has designed a new line of bridal headgear for Kleinfelds Bridal. I can’t wait to share all the new images with everyone! Keep checking back!

Beautiful Choos (OOPS, I meant shoes)

Check these beautiful Vintage Jimmy Choo shoes. I’m not sure if I should call them foot jewelry or shoes! I photographed an amazing bridal portrait last week at The Saint Regis in NYC. I’ll be photographing the brides wedding in May out in the Midwest so I really can’t show you the portraits. Many of my brides want to keep their magnificent grown and details “under wraps” until their big day. I would’nt want her floating around the internet until her big day. I must say, I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for her big day! I will have so much stunning “eye candy” to photograph that weekend. For now, I’ll share with you her shoes!

Catherine + Bill 03.08.08

Well, it is March in the northeast and the weather can sometimes be uncooperative. Catherine and Bill’s center city Philadelphia wedding saw a little bit of everything, from torrential rains, thunder and lightning, 40 mile an hour winds and in the end a little peep of sunshine. The exciting and unpredictable weather did not deter the warm and loving spirit of their wedding day and the couple went ahead with their plans for some center city couple pictures prior to their wedding. Catherine wore a stunning blush color gown by Lazaro. The gowns sash looked more like jewelry, so much so that I used it as a backdrop for their rings. I loved the festive striped boots that she wore for her pictures around town. One of out first stops around center city was their favorite coffee shop, La Colombe. They took a few minutes to share a cup of their favorite brew. Their ceremony was at the most beautiful Saint Patrick’s Church in Philadelphia. On the way to their reception at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia, Catherine and Bill stopped off at their Philadelphia row home for a few quick pictures since the rain finally subsided! I truly believe that a wedding is not about the weather, it’s about the love.


Kristina + Peter 03.02.08 (Part 2)

As promised, here are a few more images from the ceremony and reception of Kristina and Peters wedding. Their ceremony was at Saint Lucy’s Church in Newark, NJ. A very historic church, it served as a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony! Peter got teary-eyed when he saw Kristina for the first time coming down the aisle. Their reception was held at the Westmount Country Club in West Patterson, NJ. I loved their centerpieces of hanging orchids.